Activities Helpers and Kids Can Do At Home
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Activities Helpers and Kids Can Do At Home

Date Posted: 07/06/2020


It’s not easy to keep kids busy and entertained these days. They may get easily bored when they’re not in school or when they are not allowed to get out. The great thing is that in this post, we’ll give you ideas or alternatives you can try at home to keep the kids energized.


Let’s start with some classic games! If they are craving some fun activities, you can try to play these with them:

1. Simon Says

Have you ever heard of this game?


It’s a classic game for kids where other kids will follow the person assigned as Simon. For example,


Simon says jump. (The kids should jump)


Simon says, get a red handkerchief. (The kids should be able to get a red scarf) Simon says, touch your knees while closing your eyes (the kids should touch their knees).


To make sure the kids are paying attention you should give a command, without saying ‘Simon says’ beforehand. An example of this would be ‘sit on the floor’. If any children sit on the floor, then you know they weren’t listening for ‘Simon’!


You can make this fun by saying some silly commands that kids can laugh at.


2. Hide and seek


This game might sound classic, but kids always enjoy this game. The one who’s “it” should count from 1 to 20. Everyone else should hide in places around the house. The last person to be found is the winner!


Before you play this game, you must make sure that all hiding places are safe for kids, and that kids know not to climb into awkward positions.


3. Charades


Charades is very easy and also fun. You pick different categories, such as cartoon characters and TV shows they watch. 


Write all the categories down on pieces of paper and put them in a hat. In turns, they can pick one for each round. Have them act it out, and then others can guess. 


You can just play this for fun, or give kids a point for each category they guess correctly.

4. Treasure Hunt


This game never gets old. You can use the children’s toys as the “treasure” and then hype it up by telling them that once they find the treasure, there’s a reward waiting for them. You can hide as many items as you like.


You also have to consider their concentration level to search and find things. If you think they may struggle with it, you could draw up a simple map to help them.


Try doing some art activities too!


5. Card Making


First, they have to choose someone they would like to make a card for. They can select anyone, even a pet! On the front page, they can draw something that represents that person or themselves. It’s up to them, but you can give them examples such as a love heart or a drawing of a person.


On the next page, they can write a short letter saying what they would like to express. They can use as many colours as they want to make the card as pretty as possible!


You can also have these other activities with them:


6. Dance It Out.


Ask them to think of a favourite song. When they have a song in mind, you can help to make a dance routine to go with the tune. Often, kids are very good at making these routines by themselves. So follow their lead, and if you are lost for inspiration, use YouTube!


7. Storytelling.


There are two options here. Either you’ll do the storytelling, or they’ll do it. Make it more creative by wearing a costume or using props that are available inside the house. You can ask them to do it too. This game will encourage their imagination and inventiveness.

8. Stop Dance or Freeze Game.


Kids love this! Play any upbeat song they know. They can dance or move when the music is playing, but everybody should freeze when the music stops. You can also do it the other way around. When there’s no music, everybody can dance or move, but when there’s music, everybody should stop running. You can do different rounds for it.



Having fun while you’re a kid is one of the most essential things in life. Kids have huge imaginations and can very quickly get bored if they don’t have something to keep them occupied. Kids will always appreciate being played with, and you can make memories with them that will last a lifetime.


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