Amy: Flexible and Honest Helper
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Amy: Flexible and Honest Helper

Date Posted: 12/09/2020

Sulami or Amy is an Indonesian Helper who has been working in Hong Kong for 6 years now. She is about to finish her contract and currently looking for a kind and loving family to work with.

Sulami is a skilled helper. She can do all-around chores like organization, groceries, car washing, and cooking. Sulami can cook simple Chinese and Western dishes. She is also awesome when it comes to taking care of kids- from newborns to teens! She also has experience handling older people.

Sulami is an animal-lover and someone you can count on if you have pets in the household. She is also into gardening!

HelperFirst is so happy to help a flexible and honest helper like Sulami. She registered to our website and we reached out through WhatsApp. We learned her expectations, former experiences, and life story. That is when we found out that she likes to visit Holland someday!  We chose Kinderdijk - a village in South Holland that is famous for its iconic 18th-century windmills for her graphic. This place is perfect for Sulami as she likes taking photos of natural scenery.

Helper First is an ethical online agency that set on as a bridge for a perfect helper and employer to meet together. Our hands-on service is all FREE for helpers! If you are interested to know more, WhatsApp us on 65079170. 

At HelperFirst, we are so happy to put you first!

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