Back-To-School Tips for Parents
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Back-To-School Tips for Parents

Date Posted: 20/05/2020

The time has come! HK kids are back at school after being off since Chinese New Year. An exciting time for kids to see their friends, start learning and for parents and helpers to finally have some time to themselves.

Most kids have a hard time going back to school. Why? Schools involve a lot of things that are not common during summer activities such as:

  • Sitting still
  • Getting organized
  • Staying on tasks
  • Adjusting to a new and systematic schedule every day

Here are tips to keep you sane on the first day of school:

1. Use a calendar


Hang a calendar in your kid’s room. It can help your kids prepare for when school starts. Let them feel excited as they mark each passing day with colourful markers.

2. Have an early bedtime routine

Kids need time to adapt to the regular sleeping pattern, so they do not get tired at school. Parents should set up the school routine at least two weeks before the start of the school year.

3. Back-to-school shopping

It is a great idea to get the kids involved with back to school shopping. Let them choose their own backpack and school supplies. This will make them feel excited about going back to school. Choose a date for shopping to avoid a fretful shopping experience.


4. Prepare an easy lunchbox.


Brain food is vital for everyone, but especially for kids. Plan ahead of time the fruits which your kids prefer and include these favourite fruits in their lunch boxes. If you are unable to provide your child with a lunchbox on some days, make sure you plan what they can eat at school beforehand.

5. Discuss Homework

School is the most fun if you’re not having a hard time with homework. Homework can be stress-free when kids understand the topic, but very stressful if not. As a parent, you can provide a pleasant study environment by making sure it is quiet and spacious. You should also make sure that their home studying areas are free from any distractions.

6. Build connections and let your child have a ‘go-to-school friend.’

Have a chat with other parents and see if there are kids in the same neighbourhood who can take the bus or walk together. Having a friend to go to school with can ease their anxiety, as well as exciting them and making them comfortable going back to s



An author of Mindful Parenting, Kristen Race, Ph.D., stated that transitions can be tough for kids. As a parent, the most important thing you can do is to model calmness and confident behaviour. Parent, when used as a verb, is not always fun. But remember, at the end of the day, the most essential key to any kids success is the involvement of parents.

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