Brigette Who Dreams To Visit Switzerland!
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Brigette Who Dreams To Visit Switzerland!

Date Posted: 17/09/2020

Brigette has been working in Hong Kong for almost 5 years now, and truly is a superwoman. Brigette spent time working with both a child and an elder with disabilities, helping them with everything they needed or could not do. Brigette can also do household chores as well as cook basic Chinese dishes.

One of HelperFirst’s missions is to find out as much as possible about each individual person the team talks with. When Brigette was asked about her dream destination, the team found out that it is Switzerland! She loves how natural scenery relaxes her. Switzerland is famous for its lakes and high alpine peaks and a lovely place to explore nature.

HelperFirst learns that Brigette is learning to speak Cantonese! She is passionate about her work and would love to learn new things that can contribute to her talent as a helper. She is eager to learn her employers’ language so she can properly communicate with them. 

Brigette loves what she’s doing and that’s why HelperFirst also loves to help her! The team heard what she wants, tailored her profile, and found an employer perfect for her.

HelperFirst is so delighted to bring together perfect helpers and employers. It is an ethical online agency that does not support the unjust and immoral practices of some agencies towards helpers. HelperFirst’s service is free of charge for helpers!

HelperFirst: Happy to Help! ❤️❤️

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