Cherrilyn Dreams of Visiting The Land of Smiles!
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Cherrilyn Dreams of Visiting The Land of Smiles!

Date Posted: 25/01/2021

Cherrilyn certainly deserves to be our Graduate of the Day. She has experience caring for kids, dogs and performing household chores like cleaning, cooking, purchasing groceries, laundry, and ironing. Her previous employers have described her as honest, positive, and kind.  

Cherrilyn has been working abroad for more than ten years, which showcases her experience and reliability! Find out more about Cherrilyn here:


Throughout our conversations with Cherrilyn, we learned that she wants to bring her family to Thailand- the Land of Smiles! 

Thailand has a raw beauty; it's no wonder Thailand's famous attractions are shown in documentaries, backdrops for Hollywood movies, etc. Thailand has a lot to offer; it's charming and unforgettable!


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