Common Domestic Problems and How to Handle Them
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Common Domestic Problems and How to Handle Them

Date Posted: 31/07/2020


It is quite common that you’ll encounter problems with your domestic helper. You don’t have to feel bad about it, because it’s normal that both of you are adjusting to this new situation.


But as these problems arise, the best thing is to deal with them on the spot. This will help in building your relationship and solving issues together.


Here are the common problems you might face and things you must do to overcome them:


Common problem #1: You are not pleased with your domestic helper’s work


Many reasons may come to mind when you are not satisfied with the helper’s work. You might feel angry or upset because she could not clean the house properly. The helper might not have put the groceries in their proper places after buying them, making the kitchen look messy. It could also be that the children are neglected when she should be taking care of them, especially during critical times.


What you can do:


  • Communicate your expectations. If language is a barrier between you two, better jot down the responsibilities and repeat the instructions a couple of times until she understands.
  • Ask her if she lacks interest in some of the responsibilities. Tell her that if she didn’t do well the next time, she might be terminated.
  • If the cause of her underperformance is being tired because the toddler is up during the night, you can implement night shifts.


Common problem #2: The domestic helper is dishonest


Dishonesty can be in the form of stealing or not telling the truth. Of course, both are red flags. However, there might be a lot of reasons that come into play.



What you can do:


  • Extend more patience. It might be a cultural matter due to limited language skills. In some countries, just agreeing looks more acceptable rather than asking questions. Your helper might always be saying yes to you, even if they don’t understand your instructions. So, better reiterate instructions until it’s more evident with her. This is especially when you are instructing about where to place objects.
  • Do not panic. If objects are missing, make sure that it was not just misplaced. You can’t point at someone and accuse them without having any real evidence.
  • Remind her again that lying breaks your trust, and it’s a form of misconduct. If she lied to you, give her the chance to explain herself.


Common problem #3: Domestic helper might get pregnant.


Some employers fear this kind of scenario. They are afraid that once the helper gets pregnant, they might leave their work undone. Some employees feel that they are helpless under this circumstance. However, you must keep in mind that the helper’s reproductive choice and sexual health are private matters and not of your concern.



What you can do:


  • Communication is one of the keys to any relationship. Approach your domestic helper, and then you can ask her questions regarding this topic. This will help your mind feel more at ease.
  • If the helper tells you that she wants to get pregnant, then know that is her right. This should never be a reason to dismiss her, and that’s punishable by law to dismiss someone because of pregnancy. You can talk to her about future arrangements.


Common problem #4: A child being too attached


Most children will find it easy to attach themselves to someone they are always spending time with. This can happen most notably with their domestic helper. It might be useful to connect with her caretaker, but, understandably, you might feel jealous or ignored as a parent.


What you can do:


  • Spend as much time with your child when you are inside the house. You can tell the helper that once you are at home, you can be the one to feed the child and tuck them to sleep. This needs your effort too. It can’t happen in just an instant.
  • Talk to your helper regarding this, even if it’s uncomfortable. Getting angry at them will not resolve anything.


Problems can often seem a lot more drastic in the heat of the moment. Before making assumptions, or being too disappointed with your helpers work, take a moment to reflect on the situation. 


All of these problems can mainly be solved by talking. Remember, communication is key!


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