Common Problems
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Common Problems

Date Posted: 02/09/2020


It’s unavoidable to encounter specific issues and problems with your domestic helper. However, it is vital that you proactively handle the situation and think of the best way to solve it. Here are some common problems encountered when you have a domestic helper inside your house.


Chronic ailments

Some domestic helpers suffer from chronic diseases, and working affects their health all the more. Their health can deteriorate, and this affects both their productivity and performance. It’s going to be a massive problem if the helper is unfit to work since the daily chores can’t also be done well, even if they are paid monthly.




Probably, some domestic helpers struggle to tell the truth about their past or previous employment… They can also use some false references due to unfair termination. Deception and misrepresentation can happen, and this might make you question trust.


Negligence and incompetence

This can happen if the domestic helper lacks experience. They might say yes to all tasks given to them and then do well at first. Still, then when already employed for a more extended period, their performance might decline.

It can also be they present themselves well, but then it turns out that they don’t know how to take care of a child or do some household chores.



Usage of electronic devices

Too much freedom can lead to irresponsibility when it comes to using gadgets. The employee might be using their electronic devices all day and then leaving the chores undone. When this happens, you must tell that it’s not okay and give proper reprimands when they don’t do their duties.


Increasing debt

Some employees have obligations that employers don’t know about. Debtors can harass an employer to extract money from them. It is going to be a big headache if this happens, and employers might even feel humiliated.


Helper Affairs

This is going to be a big issue, especially when the helper falls in love with a resident that is just around the vicinity. This will cause gossip that might be stressful to handle for the employer.



Lack of good communication

This becomes a problem when the helper can’t even communicate with other family members. If there’s going to be no common ground for communication, it might create misunderstanding. This might be big, especially with the elderly, because they might feel easily irate once they see that the person they are talking to doesn’t understand them.


These problems are a big deal. So it is vital that as early as hiring someone, get to know them very well. Don’t rush the process because domestic helpers will play a significant role in you and your family’s life. You just got to find that best helper for you.


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