Crisalda: Filled With Love and Alpine Ambition!
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Crisalda: Filled With Love and Alpine Ambition!

Date Posted: 20/09/2020

Crisalda is HelperFirst Graduate of the Day! She’s a talented cook who can drive legally in Hong Kong - her reference describes her as ‘filled with love’ and may also be an economist on the side...

When a job-candidate ‘graduates’ at HelperFirst, that means we saw all ID documents, visas, and relevant work-histories. It often means we saw references too, and frequently that we already know the helper because we talked with her - so we know her story.

Crisalda’s has been working abroad since 2002, first of all, in Saudi Arabia - where she spent ten years before coming to Hong Kong. 

A versatile cook, Crisalda makes Western, European, and Asian dishes. 

To see some of the yummy-looking foods she cooked, check

When we get to know our graduate job candidates, we learn all sorts of fascinating things - for example, Crisalda dreams of visiting Switzerland. 

Okay - so who doesn’t? You can ski all year round and eat chocolate from purple cows. But Crisalda’s interest in Switzerland is that she’s interested in visiting places with strong economies - and that is what she heard about Switzerland.

Today we have 142 graduates. 

We know who they are. We know what they like, and that’s how we are able to recommend them for an interview with your family.

At HelperFirst, we get to know our helpers and employers - how else could we take the time to show Criselda at her dream-destination, Switzerland!

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