Edith Feels At Home Away From Home in Sai Kung
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Edith Feels At Home Away From Home in Sai Kung

Date Posted: 20/01/2021

Meet one of our super amazing helpers - Edith, our Graduate Of The Day!

Edith is a FDW who has lived in Hong Kong for almost 11 years now--and has worked with both Chinese and Western families! Aside from doing household chores, she is also great at handling kids. Edith truly loves to explore cooking. She can cook simple Western and Chinese dishes but is eager to learn more complex cuisines. Check Edith’s profile here: https://www.helperfirst.com/helpers/3540

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We like to talk to our helpers and find out more about them.

Edith has told us she dreams of taking her family to Sai Kung!

Sai Kung, a great place for a day trip to Hong Kong. What makes Edith love Sai Kung is that she feels like she is in the Philippines -- a lot of Filipinos, greenery, and beaches! It feels like a home away from home!

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