Exotic Helpers: Helpers Come From Other Countries Than Indonesia and PH
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Exotic Helpers: Helpers Come From Other Countries Than Indonesia and PH

Date Posted: 30/01/2021

A lot of consideration can go into hiring the most suited helpers for your family; things like education, marital status, background, or language. Your overall experience as an employer might also depend on your choice of nationality. Why? It might be an urban myth or truth; nationality might affect their:


  • ability to speak in English
  • skills in handling babies
  • ability to speak Cantonese or Mandarin
  • Their work ethic 


Remember that all foreign helpers have their strengths and weaknesses. You might pay attention to factors like their work experience when considering their nationality.  This stereotype when choosing the right helper for your family is just one of the elements to consider. Take a comprehensive look based on your expectations!

It’s generally known that Helpers from the Philippines or Indonesia may get the “most famous” award. Yet, there are also other helpers that come from different countries such as Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, and Bangladesh.

HelperFirst has various helpers, even some that may be considered  “exotic” from places like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, etc. If you are interested to know more about them, browse profiles on https://helperfirst.com/helpers or talk to our team now! WhatsApp on 65079170


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