First Aid Training for your Helper
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First Aid Training for your Helper

Date Posted: 11/07/2020


It can be worrisome to know that medical emergencies are inevitable. You might be busy working, and then you receive a call from your domestic helper about a minor accident at home, but she doesn’t know what to do.


Have you experienced this? What did you do?


It’s going to be beneficial for your domestic helper to know how to do first aid training. You will not only feel at ease if you’re away, but you’ll feel secure that someone in the house knows what to do in case of emergencies.


How do you find the right training course? It can be a bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.


You might ask, what if the domestic helper already received first aid training in their country, would that suffice?


The answer is that Filpino domestic helper undergoes mandatory training in the Philippines before she can work in Hong Kong. Sometimes, the practice is for one week. In other cases, it can be for two months. This depends.


During this training, domestic helpers learn how to do many different things. They may have undergone first aid training, but it can often be basic. It’s also a possibility that everything she learned, she might not retain because of the various things she had to learn at the same time.


The majority of employers agree that helpers receive the best training while being on the job. The best way is to go over medical emergency scenarios with them to understand their knowledge and experience.


Now the question is, is it enough to discuss emergencies with your domestic helper?


If you have sufficient medical knowledge, you can try to discuss things with your domestic helper and share about common injuries and medical emergencies that can occur. Tell them where the first aid kit is placed or prepare one for her so she’ll be familiar with everything that’s in there.


Be sure to tell the step-by-step process when there’s bleeding, burns, poisoning, or unconsciousness. You can also choose to show how to apply a bandage, and even how to lay down an unconscious person.


Although most employers only have a basic understanding when it comes to medical situations. Sometimes, the best option is for them to attend a training course.


When should the domestic helper call an emergency number?


Injuries such as massive blood loss, falling on the head, electrocution, and poisoning. Emergency numbers should be available, and that includes building management. Place these numbers somewhere that’s easily seen, such as at the fridge’s door or the front door.



The following are domestic helper first aid training courses that you can consider:


Hong Kong Red Cross

Price per person: HK$340 (English class), HK$280 (Cantonese class)

Medium: English or Cantonese

Duration: 8 hours


Telephone number: 2802 0021


Best First Aid

Price per person: HK$1,250

Medium: English

Duration: 3 hours


Telephone number: 9239 8369


Matilda International Hospital

Price per person: HK$1,500

Medium: English

Duration: 8 hours


Telephone number: 2849 0111

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