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Fun Options for a Christmas Gift for Your Helper

Date Posted: 06/12/2021

Are you looking for suitable Christmas gifts for your domestic helper? Here are our best options!

Christmas is usually when family and relationships are brought into focus; it is a time of reflection, gratitude, and thanks for the special people in our lives. At HelpersFirst, we are often asked how employers can best show their appreciation for the work and dedication of their employees, especially when it comes to Christmas gifts. What are the best gifts to buy? How Much Money Should Employers Spend on their employee? Is it a good choice to give physical gifts, or is it more preferable to go with cash?

Many domestic workers interviewed directly say money is very valuable and gives them choice and options. However, many employers are concerned that the domestic helpers themselves will not benefit from the money and are willing to give a more personal gift.

For this reason, many people choose something they think their domestic workers would like, such as a scarf, jewelry, or a bottle of perfume, and give them a small amount of money. If you know your domestic worker is interested in a certain hobby, another good option would be to pay for them to participate in that hobby, such as a swimming class, cake decorating, or a music class.

Gift cards are also a popular choice and provide the means for an experience your helper would not have chosen otherwise. If you decide to buy coupons, keep in mind that a friend might want to go with her, so it might be a good idea to cover the cost of two people.

If you choose to give cash, the amount you give is up to you. There are no fixed rules; it all depends on your settings and your situation.

Another idea that can work well if your helper comes to the house for Christmas is to help with the family Christmas party. Food or gift baskets can be ordered online and delivered directly, so you don't have to worry about excess baggage. It can be a wonderful surprise during the day, or alternatively, you can have fun planning and choosing things together.

This is our guide to the best gift ideas for your domestic helper in Hong Kong.

Practical Gifts for Domestic Helpers

When in doubt, everyone loves a thoughtful gift that they can use in their daily life. Since most helpers have limited storage space, we try to keep these ideas sensible and practical.

  • Cash or Gift Cards: Cotton On, H&M, Forever 21, let them pick something fun for themselves.
  • Clothing: T-shirts, shorts, cotton pants, and slippers are items you love to wear every day.
  • Hand Lotions & Creams: Consider buying a good brand; with all the cleaning they do, they will need it and appreciate it!
  • Portable tent/blanket: for spending time with friends on the day off, keep them dry and comfortable on the day off.


Nice Gifts for your Domestic Worker

To save money, most helpers will refuse high-quality products or well-known brands as a way to be modest. Consider surprising your helper with something you probably wouldn't have purchased.

  • Accessories: Bags or a gift certificate for a nice pair of shoes. Who doesn't like shoes?
  • Cosmetics: You can get them their favorite brand of nail polish, shampoo, or makeup, make sure it is well packaged.
  • Electronics: an updated cell phone or iPad for communicating with the family, a TV in the bedroom, a nice fan to keep them cool at night.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry or watches are awesome gifts to give to a domestic worker; if they've done a good job during the year, and need some pampering, give them something more extravagant.

Experiential Gifts for Domestic Workers 

The creative idea is to give your helper an experience. And if you want your domestic worker to be even more fun, pay for a friend or a loved family member to join them in celebrating the festive period.

  • Amusement Parks: A day in a park is really fun, buy a ticket to one of the many parks around and take your domestic helper along.
  • Clubhouse: Rent a badminton court, karaoke room, or meeting room for your domestic helper and friends.
  • Outdoors: Pay for bus tickets and print directions, maps, and tips for your domestic helper and friends to cycle, hike, or camp.

Classes as Christmas gift for domestic workers

Some domestic workers love to learn, so why not sign them up for some courses? Furthering the training of your domestic worker has long-term benefits as it provides new skills and confidence that can be with her throughout her life.

  • Active: Swimming lessons, gymnastics, and sport lessons.
  • Business: Enroll them to learn money management and entrepreneurial skills when she gets home.
  • Cooking and Baking: Many domestic workers love to cook, sign them up for cooking classes to learn new dishes.
  • Practice: Enroll your domestic worker in sewing, driving, and language lessons.

Personal Gifts for your Domestic Helper

For many of us, a domestic helper is like a family member, so think carefully about how you want to pamper them.

  • Celebrate your domestic helper's birthday: If your helper's birthday falls in the festive period, make her feel special, buy her a worthy gift, and be sure to bake a cake for her. Why not invite her to dinner as an ordinary family would?
  • Family Fly Over: Getting away from it all for two years can be tough, so why not fly over your helpers' mum, dad, a sibling for the festive period? This is if you have the financial capacity to do so.
  • Free Time: Give your helper an extra day off here and there. Some families celebrate the birthdays of their employees, so why not do the same?
  • More Money: For the Holidays - Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving - when the going gets a little hectic, give your help between some extra cash. It could be anything between HK$50 and HK$200 or more. Many of them do their best to make sure the holidays and celebration go smoothly for you and your family.
  • Pampering session: We all need a little pampering from time to time, so why not book a pediatric massage or manicure with a friend of yours?

Flowers as Christmas Gift for your Domestic Worker

There is usually no greater feeling than receiving a beautiful bouquet, especially when it is unexpected. So whether it's their birthday or not, she took care of your home and kids when you are not around, and what other way to put a smile on your domestic worker's face than a beautiful flower that leaves a smile on everyone's face.

Christmas cultural differences

Sometimes cultural differences can play a role. Your family may have different traditions and may not celebrate Christmas, while your domestic helper does. If so, you can choose to share this cultural difference and continue to give her something, like a handmade gift, a nice postcard, or a nice beautiful drawing from your children.

For many domestic workers, time off at Christmas to attend Christmas service is very important. Your domestic helper may have to travel to be with friends at the Christmas Eve service at a local church, which many other women attend. On the contrary, your domestic worker may not be celebrating Christmas while your family is. In this case, you may want to include her in preparation for Christmas celebrations while respecting her culture and beliefs. Respecting the differences of others is the key to building a healthy and harmonious relationship.

Whichever you choose, it is always important to show gratitude and recognize the efforts and goodwill of your domestic workers. We wish you a Merry Christmas!