Graduate of the Day, Lovelyn
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Graduate of the Day, Lovelyn

Date Posted: 09/04/2021

Meet our Graduate of The Day, Lovelyn

Lovelyn is an excellent and versatile helper and has experience with newborn care, household chores, making simple Chinese dishes, and healthy cooking.

At HelperFirst we make sure to get to know our helpers, and we have asked Lovelyn what country she dreams of visiting if she had the chance.

Her answer? JAPAN!

Japan, what a fantastic country. Japan is known for its incredible food and diverse culture. There are many places you can travel to in Japan, from the busy streets of Tokyo to the calm city of Kyoto with its beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.

We make sure to understand what our helpers like, and as such, we can recommend them for an interview with your family.

At HelperFirst, we get to know our helpers and employers.

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