Guess What Is Mila’s Choice for Heart-pumping Fun!
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Guess What Is Mila’s Choice for Heart-pumping Fun!

Date Posted: 29/01/2021

Mila is a HelperFirst Graduate of the Day! She is an experienced helper who has worked in Hong Kong for almost eight years. A reliable and responsible nanny for babies and toddlers and likes pets as well. She is also a versatile cook! What can't she do?
Guess what Mila's dream destination is? Let us give you a clue: Supertree Grove, Marina Bay, Merlion! We know you get it now! Singapore might be a small island, but it's filled with so much to explore! From its iconic symbol Merlion to Marina BaySands' best views.
You can find out more about Mila and her work experience by visiting her profile:
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