Hazel: Friendly and Easy-Going Person
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Hazel: Friendly and Easy-Going Person

Date Posted: 06/10/2020

Friendly and easy-going person-- Hazel is a HelperFirst Graduate of the Day! ??
Hazel has been working abroad for 11 years- in Lebanon and HongKong. Able to produce a clear report in the daily expenses, honest and trustworthy-- her references describe her.
A reliable helper-- Hazel works diligently and follows instructions. She's great at handling kids to elders and has experience with people who have special needs. What's more about her? Cooking is her passion. Hazel can prepare Chinese and Western foods very well. To know more about Hazel, check https://www.helperfirst.com/helpers/1248.
When we asked her about her dream destination, she wanted to visit Poland! Why not? You're not just getting town squares and unusual architecture but also the stunning Tatra Mountains, forest, beaches, and a lot of incredible cities to explore too.
As of today, we have 167 graduates! Our graduates are interview-ready! We know their stories and what they like. Our team checks their ID documents, visas, and relevant work histories. And that’s why we can recommend them to have an interview with your family.
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