HelperFirst Reaches 300 Graduates Today!
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HelperFirst Reaches 300 Graduates Today!

Date Posted: 02/01/2021

A HelperFirst Graduate is what we have termed our aspiring candidates who are interview-ready. And as of today, we have 300 of them! Our hardworking team has checked all their ID’s documents, visas, and work histories, many have provided references as well. . Our helpers are now ready to be your household helping hand!


What does this number of “Graduates” mean to both helpers and employers?

For Helpers, it is a happy fact showing that they are not alone in Hong Kong-- who are actively seeking a job!

For Employers, it is favorable! Why? They have higher hopes of choosing the perfect candidate for their family!

Three hundred graduates might be a small number, yet it means there are many reasons to be happy. Here’s why:


  1. Because less is more. 
  2. Lesser comparison and anxiety.
  3. More opportunity to pursue what’s most important.
  4. More intentionality in all areas of life.


If you are interested to know more about our 300 graduates, you can talk to us now! Whatsapp us on 68037315.


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We are happy to help! 

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