Hiking in Hong Kong: 5 routes with the most impressive views
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Hiking in Hong Kong: 5 routes with the most impressive views

Date Posted: 03/10/2020


‘Hiking in Hong Kong’, not the usual words you would expect to find in the same sentence. Surprisingly, given its urban reputation, only a handful of people know that most of Hong Kong is full of greenery. New territories and secluded islands such as Lamma offer dense patches of jungle vegetation, glistening golden beaches, and fantastic walks.


There are hikes in Hong Kong for all levels of ambition and fitness. From those who want to be like Bear Grylls and battle gruesome caves and mountains to easy hikes that end with a lounge chair and a cocktail.


Here are the top hiking spots in Hong Kong:



Dragon’s Back Hike


The urban walking moniker comes from the fact that Dragon’s Back is a short walk from Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, yet amid complete, clean beauty.


Located in the rugged southern part of Hong Kong Island, Dragon’s Back soars over Shek Country Park’s peaks. It offers magnificent views of Clearwater Bay and several uninhabited islands stranded in the South China Sea.


At the end of the path is Shek O, an attractive and run-down seaside town with plenty of bars and restaurants and some excellent beaches. It is also the only place in Hong Kong where you can try surfing.



Lantau Peak Hike


At 934 meters, Lantau Peak is the second-highest mountain in Hong Kong; Ma On Shan is the highest, but there is only one service road, and there are no exclusive hiking trails.


Several hiking trails cross Pico de Lantau, although one of the most popular and perhaps the most difficult is a morning walk on foot to make it to sunrise. The wisdom of hiking a very steep and potentially dangerous mountain in the dark will be left to you and your insurer.


Most of the road is paved, although the stone steps can be complicated, and the overall incline is steep. It’s also worth noting that the trails in this region are some of the most popular hiking trails in Hong Kong. The route can get crowded on weekends and holidays.


At the top of Lantau’s Peak, you’ll find the Big Buddha Statue and Monastery, a great place to take photos and refill with food. The promenade itself offers a magnificent view of the dense vegetation surrounding Lantau and the South China Sea. Take the Ngong Ping Cable Car to the side of the mountain for more incredible views.



Twin Peak and Violet Hill Hike


The Hong Kong Twin Peaks hike takes you up and down Violet Hill. It offers incredible views over the peninsula below. It is one of the most strenuous routes in Hong Kong due to the brutality of the stairs.


Regardless of the direction, you take the path; you will have to endure hundreds of steps to climb and descend both peaks. The trip to this Hong Kong hike is often referred to as the ‘Terrible Gemini’ as many people despise the thousands of steps that burn your feet as you climb and descend both peaks.



The Peak Hike


Well, regular Hong Kong hikers will complain that the Peak is not a good hike. They are right. If you are looking for a real hike, with challenging routes and greenery to cut out patterns, head to other hikes on this list.


The Peak is essentially a long and challenging struggle on the trail. So what is the attraction? The View. The Peak is one of Hong Kong’s most popular attractions, but most people only see the view from above after being taken there by the Hong Kong Tram. Instead, you can watch the sights unfold as you climb to the top. It is such a beauty.



Rhino Rock Trail In Stanley


Rhino Rock is one of the most beautiful rock formations in Hong Kong, which strangely looks like a rhino. It’s a concise trail to Stanley, less than 1 mile in each direction. With stunning views of the coast, this is a beautiful adventure for a sunny day! This route is also known as Che Pau Teng.


It looks a lot like a rhino, and when you see for yourself, the ridges and holes in the rock almost resemble the eyes, wrinkles, and features of a giant rhino.



So what are you waiting for? The next time you’re stuck for what to do, take these adventures for the best panoramic skyline views in the city. The feeling of gratification you get after completing an intense hike is so exciting that you won’t be able to put it into words.


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