Hiring Your 2023 Domestic Helper from India in Hong Kong: The Ultimate Guide for Families
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Hiring Your 2023 Domestic Helper from India in Hong Kong: The Ultimate Guide for Families

Date Posted: 01/09/2023 Posted By: Dennison

This is the ultimate guide to hiring a domestic helper from India in Hong Kong. As you will see, this can be a daunting task, but I have written this article to make it as easy as possible.

A domestic helper is more than a luxury in today's modern world. It can be necessary for families who want to live their lives without worrying about the small things. Whether looking for someone to help with household chores or as an extra pair of hands when your children need attention, hiring your 2023 domestic helper from India in Hong Kong can be your best bet.

In a world that's always on the go, the task of hiring a domestic helper in Hong Kong for 2023 should not be taken lightly. We understand the difficulties families from India and Pakistan face when navigating the lottery of helpers on anonymous platforms like Facebook. Religious, dietary, and cultural factors can play a significant role. Therefore, employing a helper from India can offer peace of mind and make your household more harmonious.

Kick-Off: Why India for Domestic Helpers?

Domestic helpers are vital to many households in a growing metropolis like Hong Kong. While there are plenty of countries to source from, India offers a variety of candidates with essential skills and experience. Agencies like HelperFirst can facilitate this process, ensuring you land a helper that meets your specific requirements.

Legal Know-How: The Hong Kong Employment Contract

It's essential to understand that Hong Kong's Employment Ordinance does not cover domestic helpers. This means their contracts are not registered with the Labour Department. Nevertheless, a written contract outlining the terms and conditions of employment, including wages and working hours, is strongly advisable.

Step-by-Step: Visa Process and Documents

Hiring a helper from India necessitates completing specific visa requirements. You must provide proof of employment, and your potential helper needs to undergo a medical examination by a doctor designated by the Director of Immigration. This medical must be carried out within six months before visa application.

Here's a summary of the necessary steps to bring your Indian Domestic Helper safely to Hong Kong:-


  1. Employment Contract: Both the employer and the domestic helper need to sign a standard employment contract specified by the Hong Kong government. This contract will outline the terms and conditions of employment.

  2. Visa Application: The employer must apply for a visa on behalf of the domestic helper. This is often called an "Employment Visa" or "Domestic Helper Visa."

  3. Pre-Approval from Indian Authorities: In the case of India, the prospective domestic helper usually needs to get pre-approval from the Indian Consulate in Hong Kong. There may be additional paperwork to be filled out, unique to Indian nationals.

  4. Medical Examination: The domestic helper must undergo a medical examination in India and sometimes again in Hong Kong.

  5. Consulate Verification: Some countries, including India, may require contract attestation or verification by their consulate in Hong Kong.

  6. Submit Application: The visa application, employment contract, and additional required documents must be submitted to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for processing.

  7. Visa Approval: The domestic helper can travel to Hong Kong once the visa is approved. Upon arrival, they must report to the Immigration Department for fingerprint verification.

  8. Orientation Program: Some countries, like the Philippines, require attendance in an orientation program, but this may not be mandatory for Indian domestic helpers.

Essential Paperwork for Employers

Before embarking on the hiring process, employers should prepare the following documents:

  1. Standard Employment Contract: Must be approved by the Hong Kong Labour Department.

  2. ID817A Form: Application form for employing a domestic helper from abroad.

  3. Valid Passport: Both employer and domestic helper.

  4. Financial Proof: The employer must provide proof of financial capability to hire a domestic helper (e.g., bank statements, salary proof).

  5. Accommodation Proof: Proof that there's appropriate accommodation for the domestic helper in the employer's residence.

  6. Medical Reports: Health certification for the domestic helper.

  7. Pre-Approval Documents: These may include additional forms or letters required by the Indian Consulate.

  8. Insurance: Both medical and liability insurance may be required.

Remember, these are just guidelines. Always refer to the latest information provided by the relevant authorities for the most accurate and current details! If you’re planning on bringing a domestic helper into your home, it’s important to remember that the process may take some time. You should start preparing for this well in advance of your move.

Considerations: From Laws to Family Needs

Hiring a domestic helper in Hong Kong is about more than just fulfilling legal obligations. You need to consider your family's specific needs, whether it's elderly care, childcare, or just general housekeeping. The working hours and duties should be laid out clearly in the employment contract.

Advantages and Concerns: Employing Indian Domestic Helpers


1. Language Proficiency: Many Indian domestic helpers have a good grasp of English, which is beneficial for households where English is primarily spoken.

2. Skillset: Indian domestic helpers often possess cooking skills and are adept at preparing various Indian dishes. For families who prefer Indian cuisine, this is a big advantage.

3. Cultural Sensitivity: For households with specific religious and cultural practices, Indian helpers often have an intrinsic understanding of the same.


1. Cultural Barriers: While cultural understanding can be an advantage, it could also be a double-edged sword. Be aware of potential cultural nuances.

2. High Demand: Due to their advantages, Indian domestic helpers may be in high demand, affecting availability and salary expectations.

How HelperFirst Makes a Difference

"Transparency is what sets us apart," says Jean, our General Manager. Steve Biddick, our Founder, adds, "Ethical hiring is our cornerstone. We believe in fair treatment for all."

Data-Driven Matching

Our algorithms ensure the best match between employers and helpers based on multiple criteria, such as skills, experience, and personality traits.

The Personal touch

HelperFirst conducts business mostly via WhatsApp - where you will meet our online team, where Domestic Helpers know us best - and where we get to know them. We are a team of people who care about your needs and treat you respectfully. We believe in honesty and integrity, business practice and personal values.

Speed and convenience: We understand you have many options for hiring a helper. We aim to make the process quick, easy and convenient.

Financial Aspects: Salary and Allowances

Hong Kong's minimum allowable wage for a foreign domestic helper is HKD 4,730 per month as of 2022. However, salaries vary based on experience, skills, employer requirements and where you live!

Allowances and Perks

1. Food Allowance: An alternative to providing food is to offer a monthly food allowance. Currently, the HK minimum food allowance is HK$1121

2. Travel Allowance: This usually covers the helper's return journey back to their home country during leave periods or at contract completion.

Concluding Thoughts for 2023

Review each step, from the selection process to the visa application. For families interested in appointing a Helper from India, get in touch via WhatsApp at +852 5920 9170.



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