Lalyn: The Impressive Graduate Of the Day
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Lalyn: The Impressive Graduate Of the Day

Date Posted: 07/09/2020

Meet Lalyn, the impressive graduate of the day!

We termed “graduates” to those who are interview-ready and actively seeking a new employer anywhere in Hong Kong! They have documents and references verified by our team. And HelperFirst chooses one deserving “graduate” of the day! 

Lalyn, our Graduate Of The Day, is an excellent and skilled helper who has years of experience working in the Middle East, Kuwait, and Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Lalyn loves kids! She is someone dependable in terms of taking care of your child, regardless of the age. 

Lalyn is also great with household chores. She is into organizing and likes to keep everything in order. Cooking is something she wants to learn more, but she’s smart and determined! 

Lalyn, who is about to finish a contract, registered to HelperFirst and reached out through WhatsApp. We got to know Lalyn more and we tailored her bio and we checked her documents and references. We made sure to give her a hands-on approach and that process lead us to know that she dreams to visit the United States of America someday! 

HelperFirst is an online platform that wants to bring the perfect helper and employer together. We do most of the work and we are always delighted to help!  

HelperFirst is free for helpers! To find out more, reach out on WhatsApp 65079170, and our kind team will do the rest! 

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