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Let’s Meet Wilma

Date Posted: 01/09/2020

An amazing woman, hardworking, and willing to sacrifice away from home to support her family financially--she is Wilma. 


Wilma is a 53 years old Filipina who has been working in Hong Kong since 1993. She has worked for both Chinese and Western families. 


Her years of experience show how dependable she is in any when it comes to any household chores, baby, and elderly care; Wilma also cooks both Chinese and Western food very well. She’s not afraid of any pets, thus if employers got one-- then, she is a total package!


Wilma is a mother of two and wants to continually support her family. Way back in the Philippines, she likes to visit her own farms which are abundant with corn, rice, bananas, and pineapples. Visiting her relatives during her vacation gives her so much joy too.


HelperFirst was so glad to meet Wilma and have the chance to help this amazing woman. She is so hardworking and friendly! So, we believe that she deserves better!


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