Love languages ​​of children
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Love languages ​​of children

Date Posted: 28/05/2020
“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” — L.R Knost

As a domestic worker, you have your work cut out for you, but one of the most essential tasks and responsibilities you will be faced with is to take care of the employer’s children.


We all know that taking care of children is hard work. When you gain the child’s trust, it will be easier to build a good relationship with them. This will help reduce the workload on you.


It is easy as a domestic helper to treat your employer’s children as your own. Do they feel the same way? How can I ensure it?


To fully understand the love languages of kids, we have put together five expressions ​​of love for children that all domestic workers should know. Note, a child might show all or some of these signs.

  • Ask for hugs and more playtimes: Kids can be withdrawn or rebellious if they are not comfortable around someone they don’t like. Hugs can give children a sense of security. If the child in your care always asks for hugs and more playtime, it only means that he/she feels safe with you. With this, they become more confident and demand more time for playing.


  • Small gifts: Little gifts of thoughtfulness touches us positively and leaves a smile on our faces. For children, one way to show affection can be to give a favourite toy, teddy bear, a piece of candy or chocolate, dress, a portion of their food, a flower that they harvested from a garden or even a letter with a “thank you” and a message of love to their maid.


  • Speak with confidence and shares feelings: Finding emotional support is an essential factor for children. When children see that the domestic helper is interested in what they think, they will feel loved and openly share their feelings. This is a silent way of showing their love for a domestic worker.


  • Do things for each other: When a child asks you as a domestic worker to do something dear for him/her, it merely means that child has trusted you completely. This gesture means that they appreciate the little things you do for them.


  • Showing off their important things: A child that likes you will allow you into his/her world by showing you items that are important to them. It could be as little as their favourite clothes, or even a toy.


Children have different love languages. Each action shows their affection towards you and how much they appreciate you. Do note that this list is inexhaustible as kids have diverse ways of showing you their love and respect. These are just some of the steps you can take to ensure the bond between you both. 
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