Mary Jane: Fast-learner and Hard Working
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Mary Jane: Fast-learner and Hard Working

Date Posted: 10/09/2020

HelperFirst is so glad to meet Mary Jane, a smart and friendly helper in Hong Kong. Mary Jane is a 40-year-old hardworking helper from the Philippines. She is a mother of one who wishes to give her kid a better future and decided to work abroad. 

Mary Jane is planning to break her contract due to the additional task that was not stated in her existing contract. Her employer is loving and kind but Mary Jane is not confident taking care of a cancer-patient, and this has led to her decision to leave.

Mary Jane can do anything, especially taking care of newborns and toddlers. She is also open to giving elderly care. Mary Jane can also cook Western and Chinese foods. Her specialty is lasagna!  She is also a pet-lover. 

Mary Jane learnt hard work as she grew up planting rice and corn in the Philippines. Her environment makes her believe that great things come from hard work and perseverance; and she continues to believe that while working in Hong Kong.

HelperFirst aims to help helpers like Mary Jane for FREE! We are like a bridge for the perfect helper and employers to meet. We are an online platform that provides a hand-on approach through WhatsApp or Messenger and do all the work! Yet, we are so delighted to help!

To find out more, reach out on WhatsApp 65079170, and our team will do the rest!

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