Parenting Styles
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Parenting Styles

Date Posted: 10/10/2020


Every parent has different styles of raising their children. There is absolutely no doubt that every parent wants the best for their child and wants to raise them very well.


While the parents’ intentions are always useful, there are still methods that can cause children to become unstable emotionally, mentally, and socially.


Here are five unhealthy parenting styles that you should avoid:


Overprotective Parenting


These parents are always making their decisions for their children. They may not let their child participate in many social activities, like playing with friends, going out, etc.


They could be overprotective for safety reasons; unfortunately, children or teens can see this as not trusting them or confining them to the house. When kids feel this, the more they want to be outside and out of your sight.


Permissive parenting


Permissive parenting is just letting your child do whatever they want. This can be the opposite of overprotective parenting. Here, you don’t set rules, they can do whatever pleases them, and you just say yes to their requests and wants.


This kind of style can raise a child who doesn’t have self-control and will not take no for an answer when another person gives it to them.


Hostile-Aggressive Parenting


This kind of parenting usually involves manipulation, verbal abuse, and maltreatment. This will impact the child in so many ways that it can cause emotional and psychological harm.


Neglectful parenting


This kind of style is choosing not to involve with your child’s life from development. For example, when there are school events that need parents, you always say no. You just leave your child to their own devices and tolerate their behaviour. In short, you are not paying attention to the child.


This can cause the child to think that they are not loved, not valued, and not cared for. It might result in misbehaviour if that will be the only way to get their parent’s attention.





On the other hand, this kind of parenting is always approving their child’s actions regardless of misbehaviour. Furthermore, this might result in kids not being mindful others because they’ve been used to continuously receiving praise from their parents.


This is unhealthy because kids wouldn’t know if what they’re doing already hurts others.


Now the question is, what would be the best parenting style?


It’s all about being balanced. As parents, you should be able to know when to say yes and no. You should be able to set up healthy boundaries, but not to the point that it’s suffocating them. They should be able to understand their self-worth and practice self-control.


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