Rosemarie Loves Kowloon City
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Rosemarie Loves Kowloon City

Date Posted: 02/01/2021

Rosemarie is flexible and reliable and dreams to experience Kowloon City with her family!


Rosemarie has worked as an FDW since 2005. Her flexibility shows as she is tried and true in terms of handling all from newborns to elders. She can speak Cantonese and is reliable with all-around chores! Rosemarie is a talented cook too. Check her food photos here:


HelperFirst has 314 graduates as of today! They are all interview-ready, which means our hardworking team has checked all ID documents, visas, and work histories. Mostly, they provided references too. We aim to know their story so we can recommend them to suited families. And what makes this process exciting? We are able to learn interesting facts about them! Just like Rosemarie, we learned that she dreams of bringing her family to Kowloon City! 


Kowloon City is Hong Kong's multicultural tourist spot. It has an antiquated neighborhood, historic sites, leafy suburbans areas, and has its little Thailand too! With yummy foods, fascinating history, and the sound and smell of multifaceted Hong Kong, Kowloon City got what it takes. No doubt  Rosemarie wants her family to experience Kowloon City!


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