The benefits of fresh air and sunlight
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The benefits of fresh air and sunlight

Date Posted: 02/03/2021

In the midst of a pandemic, it is easy to forget the importance of everyday routine. Just getting out of the house is now something that is easily taken for granted. Keeping your mind healthy seems difficult when something as simple as this is no longer part of your daily life. Getting outside every day for a little sunshine and fresh air can be beneficial in more ways than you could ever imagine.


Is everyday life getting you down?
Getting outside can alleviate stress simply by breaking your normal routine. It may be hard to fit around busy work schedules, but even leaving your usual environment for 20 minutes can make a big difference to your day. A short walk can take your mind off all of those things that fill up your daily life. If you need to go to the shops, instead of seeing it as a chore, you can see it as an opportunity to make your day that little bit better. Taking in the world around you as you walk can be therapeutic, resulting in less stress, a happier life, and a more productive working day.

Look after yourself
Sunlight is a vital element of life. Without it, we would not exist. Vitamin D, which we absorb directly from sunlight, is vital in the development of healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. Sunlight is also beneficial for healthy skin - just be sure to take regular breaks in the shade and remember the possible negative effects of UV rays. Going outside will not only help you naturally but will also ensure exercise on a regular basis, positively affecting both body and mind. There may be times when exercise is not at the forefront of your mind, but this should not deter you: even finding somewhere to sit for a while will relax you after a hard day's work can have the same physical importance as a long walk.

Look after others
Even in these times, it is important that we still find a way to socialise with each other. Meeting in the outdoors offers an opportunity to meet in a safe and healthy space, whilst escaping your everyday routine. Even if you can't find time with your friends, then it could be an opportunity to spend time with your household. Getting outside into nature can provide us with endless fun and sharing this with other people gives you the ability to make memories that could last a lifetime. Even if you end up going out by yourself, you increase the chance of meeting someone new, who could also share the same interests as you.

Keep moving forward
The pandemic has forced us to spend more time indoors. The inability to go outdoors can make us less motivated and it's easy to overlook the impact this has on our lives. Working days are often repetitive and its the escape from this that allows us to experience more things that make us happy. By simply going outside of your everyday environment, you may find that returning to work is a release in itself.

Taking risks and experiencing new adventures breathes life into the soul and in turn will give you motivation in everything you do.
Every cloud has a silver lining, in this case, we have learnt that the most simple things in life can bring us the most happiness. By following these pieces of advice you may find that you can easily improve your general wellbeing. We don't need to spend money or much time to ensure that we lead a happy life - we just need to make sure that we keep in touch with ourselves and our surroundings.


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