The Superwoman Joanne!
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The Superwoman Joanne!

Date Posted: 31/08/2020

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work." - Colin Powell


Joanne is a 35 year old single mom from the Philippines. She describes herself as diligent and trustworthy and is working hard for her child’s future.


She is a hardworking person who likes to do her best in every task given; meeting or even exceeding her employer’s expectations is her daily goal. She is trustworthy and can be relied on. Joanne is confident to say that she can work independently and can easily follow instructions.


Joanne worked for an Indian family of five from 2016 to 2018. Her tasks included doing household chores, ironing, and car-washing. Additionally, she was in charge of cooking when the cook was not around during the holidays and helped with medication follow-ups for her boss.


She is a little envious of how her Madam was so hands-on with the kids in the house which she can't do for her own kids. But she brought that sadness into something positive by loving the kids as if her own. When her Madam can't be with the kids for some reasons, she takes them from and to school and prepared delicious meals especially during holidays


Cooking is an easy task for Joanne. She can cook Indian and Chinese foods and it is easy for her to follow recipe books too.


She likes gardening and tried this passion for her Madam’s garden.  She has grown aloe vera, basil, mints, chilli, ginger, and tomatoes.


When we asked Joanne, “What is your dream destination?” Without hesitation, she answered “I want to go to Japan Ma’am. My kids want to see Disneyland during winter. I will travel with them.” I’m so amazed how her answer didn’t rely on her own preference, but on her kids’ wants. That’s motherly love-- a mother who is working hard, away from home to make sure there are abundant meals on her kids’ table.


But due to certain circumstances, Joanne is currently terminated. Until she found us… She found HelperFirst! And we help her first.


HelperFirst is an online platform that aims to empower millions of migrant domestic workers. How? Through free access to jobs available.  HelperFirst wants to cut the bone of recruitment agencies that have unethical practices.


We believe that helpers deserve better. That's why we at HelperFirst, we help helpers first!


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