Travelling Whilst Pregnant
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Travelling Whilst Pregnant

Date Posted: 26/08/2020


We all know travelling can be both for leisure or business. No matter what reason, even when you’re pregnant, it doesn’t stop you from going out and needing to be somewhere. However, it is always encouraged to take necessary precautions.


Regardless of whether you are flying for work, leisure, or even to visit family back home, there are always going to be considerations before buying those plane tickets.


The first thing you should always do is go to your doctor and tell him first about your plans and ask about you and the baby’s safety. Suppose you had travelled before whilst pregnant and nothing terrible happened. In that case, you should still consider having a doctor’s visit because your body changes.


Every pregnancy is different. It’s better to be sure instead of having questions while you are already on your travels. If your doctor is not available, you can go to other exceptional private or public hospitals in Hong Kong.



Remember that most airlines also have strict regulations when it comes to pregnant woman boarding their flights. This highly depends on how far you are in your pregnancy. You can usually travel if you are 32–36 weeks pregnant, depending on your type of pregnancy.


Most of the airlines allow pregnant women to board a plane without any doctor’s notice. This can be up until their 28th week. If you are between 28–36 weeks, a lot of airlines will already ask you to show a doctor’s notice that states the age of your pregnancy and that you are also fit to fly.


Other airlines don’t have strict regulations, but then know that you fly at your own risk. With that, check the airlines first and be familiar with their policies before buying your ticket.



Sometimes, even if you plan, there are things you can never anticipate. There will always be risks that can happen. It is recommended that you take an insurance cover. In case you already have a maternity cover, ask your provider if it covers you and the baby while you are on your travels or having holidays.


Check your options and take a look at different travel insurance offered by your unusual insurance provider or travel insurance providers.


When you are about to leave Hong Kong, be familiar with the place you are visiting and primarily how they handle emergencies or how you can seek medical attention. The more planning you do, the more you are prepared just in case something unexpected pops up.


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