Trecy: A Loving Mother Who Dreams Of Visiting Canada!
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Trecy: A Loving Mother Who Dreams Of Visiting Canada!

Date Posted: 28/09/2020

Trecy is HelperFirst Graduate of the Day! Naturally loving and filled with genuine care and affection, Trecy is reliable with handling kids. 

HelperFirst terms “graduate” to job-candidates who are interview-ready, which means all documents are well-checked by our team -- IDs, visas, and references. We have a hands-on approach, so we know their story and what they like. During the process, we found interesting facts about them. For example, we found out that Trecy has an ambition of going to Canada! Everybody would love Canada! Friendly people, ice hockey, road trips, beautiful landscapes, maple syrup, Northern lights, and winter-- these are just some ways that makes Canada, and also the reason why Trecy dreams Canada too! Visit  and find out more about Trecy!

We have 152 graduates as of today. We know their stories, skills and what they can do, that’s why we can recommend them for interviews!

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