Unhappy Helper?
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Unhappy Helper?

Date Posted: 06/09/2020


Some domestic helpers are unhappy because they experience long working hours and feeling under-appreciated. They are often not treated properly. This, of course, results in not being able to give their best and be excellent in their daily tasks.


They can be frustrated because agencies take advantage of them, and some employers could ask them beyond what they are paid for. Employers also may not give enough food or adequate working conditions. This becomes the leading causes why domestic helpers quit.


Employers must know how to take care of them. The value of work of helpers should never be underestimated. Like other professions, they should be given proper compensation for their efforts.


As an employer, if your domestic helper is unhappy, then it’s not too late to do something about it and give them a reason to continue working for you.



Give them incentives


Laws in Hong Kong does not force employers to give incentives or add allowance to domestic helpers for their efforts. But then, you can always choose to be generous to retain hardworking employees. If you know that they are very professional and trustworthy, then you can show appreciation by rewarding them.


What you can do is provide them with a comfortable personal space in the house. Other rewards you can give are:

  • Yearly bonus
  • Offering one-month extra pay for good performance over the year
  • Other material gifts such as gadget like smartphone, tablet, speakers
  • An increase in their income is based on their performance.
  • Additional paid holidays
  • Christmas gift ideas like a dress or a ticket going home


Always show your helpers respect and kindness


It is crucial that helpers feel they are respected. You can do that by speaking kindly to them. The whole family should treat them as part of the family, not as outsiders.


You can also show kindness by giving extra food or groceries, treating them with beauty products or even additional allowance during their birthday or holiday periods.


These are gestures that make them feel that what they are doing are essential, and it matters to the whole family. Always remember that they should be seen and treated as human beings and not just people who clean your utensils. Your attitude towards them is a significant factor whether they feel happy or not inside the house.



It is a challenge to find the best domestic helper, but if you can find one, keep them. You know the importance of having a helper, especially when you have a child and both parents are working. Helpers can help you and take responsibility.


You also have to know that money is not just the incentive you can give. Other options are allowing them to go out on the weekend or go to dinner with friends. Even an extra day off every now and then!


Make domestic helpers feel that they are already part of the family. Doing so motivates them, and they’ll even take on extra tasks because they know that the employers are kind and respectful.


Other ideas you can try:

Make a thank you card or a certificate. Give their favourite chocolate, a gift certificate, or gifts that are based on their likes and interests.


Remember that what they do is not easy, so doing something for them inspires them to work hard and give their absolute best!


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