What is homesickness?
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What is homesickness?

Date Posted: 03/04/2020

At some points in our life, we experience being separated from our loved ones. Sometimes for a short period of time, but this experience can also be felt for weeks, months, years or even a lifetime. 


Often for work but sometimes leisure, these time periods can be accompanied by a feeling of sadness. A sadness that only home comforts can improve. This is what is generally known as feeling ‘homesick’. We can experience homesickness for a range of factors, being disconnected from familiar people or being around a new culture, environment or language. 


Homesickness is a real thing, felt by many of us. It is a feeling that doesn't go away overnight. But how do we deal with it? 


With the technology of today, it makes it a lot easier for us to contact our loved ones back home. We have options to message family, call them and even video call. Although sometimes time difference can make communicating difficult, making an effort to have even a short phone call can make a huge difference. But sometimes calling too often can just amplify those feelings. 


Video calling is a great way to have a positive conversation to put you in a fantastic mindset. My favourite applications to video call are WhatsApp, Houseparty, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime and Skype! Remember, that feeling homesick is a feeling that many of us experience. It doesn’t make you weak, it’s normal.


It is also good to explore the new place that you are living in. Getting to know where you reside is very beneficial. It can make you feel more connected. Everyone has to be a tourist at least once in their life! When you start to understand the culture of a place, you can then start to figure out which areas, bars, coffee shops etc that you like personally. Making a bucket list is also a good way of making sure you do everything that your new place of residence has to offer! 


Trying local food is a great way of finding out quickly what you do and don't like. Even though it is the food you are not used to, you may end up finding a new food that you love. Having food is also a fantastic way of socialising with other people. In Hong Kong, you should definitely try Dim Sum or eat some local street food often near to markets! 

Turning your house into a home is a pivotal way of feeling like you are more in control of your new environment. Find some pictures to hang on your wall, invest in some nice bedding, buy yourself some slippers and a dressing gown. All of these things will make you feel that little bit more comfortable in your surroundings. 


Making sure that you keep in a routine is the best way of building and maintaining structure in your life. Having structure in your daily schedule can ensure you to get things done. If you make time for fun and exercise in your daily schedule, you will love yourself for it. Giving yourself the opportunity to meet up with new friends or do some shopping will help you feel like you are more in control, which you are!


Keeping your mind clear of negative thoughts and only thinking positive is key to a healthy and happy life. Scheduling some me-time can be a very effective way to do this. You can try to meditate, or even write down all your thoughts in a journal. Make sure you do at least one thing you love every day so you can feel you have a purpose. And try and do one thing every day that pushes you out of your comfort zone a little, like learning a language or facing a fear. Doing this can give you the excitement that you need, as well as making you feel strong and powerful.


Never keep your lowest moments to yourself, talk to people. Remind yourself that these feelings don’t last forever, and absence can make the heart grow fonder. The feeling of being reunited with the things or people you miss will be worth the wait.

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