When May I Hire A Helper For A Shorter Period Than Two Years
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When May I Hire A Helper For A Shorter Period Than Two Years

Date Posted: 20/01/2021

The Hong Kong government designed the  Standard Employment Contract for FDW (Foreign Domestic Workers) which is set for two years! It can be terminated but cannot be extended. If the employer wishes to rehire the current helper, they must sign and submit a NEW contract.


Employers who wish to employ helpers must meet the following criteria:

  •  a Hong Kong resident with an HKID
  • financially capable, has a household income of no less than HK$15,000 per month. If the employer's monthly income is lower than that, they must provide proof of asst of at least HK$180,000
  • can provide proper accommodation to its helper


If you don’t meet any of the above requirements for hiring FDW,  that is when you can hire a helper for a shorter period than two years. In many instances, legal part-time work is considered, a helper will come to your house on specific days a week to do household chores like cleaning, washing, or cooking. This is also perfect for employers, particularly those without small children or elderly family members. Learn more about legal part-time employment here: https://www.labour.gov.hk/eng/public/wcp/parttime.pdf


HelperFirst allows employers to control domestic helper screening and interview.  You can browse domestic helper profiles, shortlist candidates that meet your preferred requirements, and after our team’s initial contact, you can decide on who or when to interview. Once you have interviewed all your candidates and decided who is the right candidate for you, we can also assist you with paperwork! HelperFirst is happy to help.


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