Why Does HelperFirst Exist?
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Why Does HelperFirst Exist?

Date Posted: 06/01/2021


HelperFirst started as a project of Canyudo in 2010, with the intended purpose of making a difference in the recruitment market for its primary stakeholders: the helpers; and employers make an ideal choice through well-informed and carefully selected hires. 

How? HelperFirst provides a personalised approach to job candidates-- we know their story and work experience, and we aim to learn our candidate employers’ specific needs to help them find a suitable candidate.

Our team has been working with volunteers and remote workers since 2004.  That is 15 years of expertise, handling 45 million customers which makes it easy for us to suggest the following:

  • Consider Helperfirst not just a website;  but a community.
  • Employers don’t spend too much time filtering messages.
  • Helper welfare is considered during the online hiring. 

HelperFirst is an anti-industry malpractice, anti-human-trafficking, and anti-unfair labor! We are pro-minimum wage laws, and we support organisations like the International Labour Organisation and Stop Human Trafficking.

Small agencies with no website and websites with no real relationships-- we know they exist in the Hong Kong helper jobs market. 

We are neither. We are online because that saves everyone money and time. 

We are an ethical agency. Our service is all free for helpers.

For employers, it is a one-time payment that has a two-years membership- which means: if the current contract of your FDW does not seem right, we promise to assist you again in searching for the right one for your family, free of charge! We also give the helpers the same services -- happily helping them find a new job if you both find you are not fit working together for whatever cause.

We, at HelperFirst, genuinely aim to help you select the perfect candidate and enhance the capacity of FDW to choose the right employer.

Our service

HelperFirst is an online platform supporting fair practices and making sure FDW's living and working conditions are optimal. We achieve this by providing FREE access to job markets and eliminating unfair recruitment agencies.

We are happy to do most of the work for you!


As an employer:

After your registration, we provide a hands-on approach and custom make your job advertisement to perfectly describe what you're looking for. We shortlist candidates from thousands of online registrations.

As an employer, you may check and select from domestic helper profiles via our website. This will help you choose the best candidate who meets your requirements, needs, and preferences.


As a domestic helper

You will have our hands-on experience which includes listening to your job preferences. We will guide you in searching for a better job and help with information on contractual and visa problems.  Our goal is for you to get in touch with employers and choose a loving family.


We are pleased that you are here. Join the HelperFirst community for a more personal experience and honest recruitment! HelperFirst is happy to help!

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