Why Kathleen Loves New Zealand?
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Why Kathleen Loves New Zealand?

Date Posted: 22/12/2020


Smart and competent, Kathleen is our Graduate of the Day!


Kathleen is an experienced helper; she worked in Singapore for 5 years and currently is working with a Chinese and Australian family in Hong Kong. Her contract will finish in May 2021. 


Smart and dedicated - she learned to speak Mandarin to better understand her employer. Kathleen loves kids, and she is very close to her employer's kids. Kathleen can cook Chinese dishes and as a fast learner, she would like to learn more recipes! Check https://www.helperfirst.com/helpers/2937 and learn more about Kathleen.


How do we know about Kathleen? HelperFirst speaks to each helper and knows their story. We tailored their profile and know fascinating things about them. Like, Kathleen dreams to explore New Zealand!


New Zealand is a popular destination for its amazing scenery-- from wide-ranging mountains to its big underground cave with whopping glaciers. Golden-sand beaches, hot springs, and cool cities - New Zealand is packed with wonderful place-to-go! No wonder, Kathleen Mae dreams to visit this island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.


HelperFirst knows job candidates personally and also glad to learn employers’ specific needs. In this case, we can let suited employers and perfect helpers meet! We aim to empower! How? By giving free access to domestic workers and eliminate unethical and unfair recruitment agencies.

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