Why should your helper want to stay with you?
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Why should your helper want to stay with you?

Date Posted: 07/12/2020


The world today has infinite opportunities, and everyone is always looking for a better chance. There are many choices to be made. Finding the perfect job and the ideal employer drives a lot of job seekers, including helpers.


There are other reasons why it can be a challenge to retain a suitable helper. One of the reasons is other people are looking for helpers too. People want to find the best and most loyal helpers. Of course, not everyone has the same quality and attitude. That’s why when you can find the person who fits perfectly for the job, you should be able to treat them fairly and show them that you are a great employer.


Here are things you can do to make them stay:



Give incentives and monetary benefits:


A helper is attracted to an employer who will provide the right incentives and benefits, especially if they’ve been doing an excellent job. A helper will stay when they know that their effort is worth it. One of the ways an employer can do this is by offering timely and regulated increases in salary. Of course, this is still based on how they do their job. But if they did something beyond what’s expected for the year, then bonuses can be given.


With these monetary benefits, it will provide helpers with adequate holidays or rest days so they’ll rest and rejuvenate. When the helper knows that their employer sees them as a person and not just a house cleaning machine, they’ll be more convinced to stay.



Open communication:


The employer must communicate all tasks and expectations. The employer needs to be honest, and about all the work the helper needs to do. It’s wrong to tell the helper just some of the responsibilities. They’ll only get surprised that they are asked to do more than what was initially instructed to them. Furthermore, the employer should ensure no hidden clauses and breaches of trust with the helper’s contract. To become a good employer, you must be honest and fair.


Another thing is to set boundaries. Communicate with your future helper that even if they become part of the family, you don’t want someone nosy. Explain to them that it should only be dealt with by the family when there are family issues. The helper should not pry into any personal problems of the family. You must clear this matter with the helper so that your working relationship will not be complicated in the future.


Treating helpers with respect:


It’s easy for employers to give a bad review to their helpers, which is also the same for the helper. Helpers are humans, and they deserve to be treated with equality, care, and concern too. As an employer, your reputation for treating your helpers is also one thing to focus on. Helpers stay when they know that they are treated humanely.



The way you portray yourself:


The employee also looks for an employer they can connect with and someone they like to work with. This is fundamental. After all, if you want the person you are working for, then you’ll stick to that person because you’ll enjoy working for them. Remember that the person will work for you every day, so having a good impression makes a big difference. It’s good that the helper and the employer can click with one another and equally treat each other.


Finding the right helper is a challenge but not impossible. Ensure that you are someone that the helper wants to work with, and for sure, you’ll have a long time working relationship!


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