Wondering What To Put In Your Balikbayan Boxes? Read This
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Wondering What To Put In Your Balikbayan Boxes? Read This

Date Posted: 04/06/2020

Balikbayan boxes for Filipinos working abroad are not only about boxes with goods. It represents the sweat and tears of working while fighting homesickness. It stands for their hard work to earn money to provide a better future for their loved ones.


And for some OFWs, it is their way of consolation for being away. For the families left in the Philippines, it’s their chance to feel the gifts carefully selected by someone they miss so much.


We value every reason you have on sending one. Thus, we provided this guide on what to put inside your Balikbayan boxes:


1. Chocolates


Pinoys are into sweets. Hershey’s Kisses, Toblerone, M&Ms, etc. are expensive for ordinary families in the Philippines. It is just found in the “sale” shelves abroad and considered as a cheap commodity. Thus, balikbayan boxes are considered complete with these bunches of chocolates and candies.


2. Canned goods


You might want to do a little shift from the common canned goods. From sardines and mackerel into imported corned beef and luncheon meat, sausages and spreads for your family.


3. Toys


Aside from candies and chocolates, toys can surely bring out the widest smiles on kids’ faces. Toys you can give are stuffed toys, remote control cars, jigsaw puzzles. Educational toys are perfect too.


4. Cosmetics and body products


There are specific personal care products that are unavailable for some Filipino families. So, put those baby lotions, moisturizers, hand creams, soaps, and shampoo in big containers in your balikbayan boxes.


5. Shoes and apparel


I bet these are the most requested items from your families. Some shoe and bag models are not locally available in the Philippines. So, once they wear those Nike Air Max, Skechers, and other popular brands, it might boost their self-esteem.



6. Vitamins and other health supplements


These are perfect for your parents or other older family members. Remember, prevention is better than a cure. An ideal way to express that you care.


7. Miscellaneous items


Items like kitchen utensils, shoe racks, flower vases, picture frames, etc. must have some worth back home. Therefore, don’t hesitate to include them in your balikbayan box. Once you’re back in the Philippines, these will remind you of your hardships overseas.


Take note that your balikbayan boxes are measured by volume and not by their weight. So put everything you think reasonable and allowed by the Bureau of Customs. In fact, space inside might cause damage to the box while in transit, so make sure you secure everything well.



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