Working Places For Domestic Helpers
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Working Places For Domestic Helpers

Date Posted: 13/06/2020


If you are looking for the perfect place to work in Hong Kong as a domestic helper, you’re on the right page. The information below will help you decide your preference and give you a picture of what you can look forward to.


Are you ready for a quick tour? Let’s start!



Our first stop would be in Repulse Bay and Stanley.


Repulse Bay and Stanley are known as the southern district of Hong Kong, where domestic helpers preferred to be located. The demand for domestic helpers increased overtime, and employers became more willing to offer a higher salary more than the average.


These two districts are also near the coastline that offers a pleasant beach life. There are also a lot of expatriate families here. This adds to the reason why there’s a need for domestic helpers. Expat families are known to offer more competitive salaries and treat domestic helpers kinder.



Our second stop is the Mid-levels and Central districts.


The Mid-levels and Central districts of Hong Kong get the highest popularity because of its city life. A lot of Domestic Helpers want this kind of lifestyle, and they tend to be in this environment to feel the city life of Hong Kong. Households in this area also provide the highest average salaries.


These districts are also accessible to different kinds of amenities that domestic helpers are looking for. There are places for meeting friends or going to church. You can also find spots here for sightseeing during a day-off or holiday.



The next stop is Kennedy Town and Pok Fu Lam.


These places are also excellent choices for employment. People living in this part of Hong Kong enrol their kids in prestigious schools. At the same time, this area is also accessible to the MTC, plus it provides a good community life. If you are also looking for a waterfront type of place, you can also find it here.



Discovery Bay is also one of the top choices.


This area offers an experience of family and beach life. This area has a high demand because of the lifestyle of the residents living here. With that, domestic helpers tend to receive salaries more elevated than the average. Several expatriate families also populate this region. Expatriate families attract lots of domestic helpers.


Domestic helpers can also expect to have a private room when working here. This is why Discovery Bay is also famous because they get to have their personal space and need not to worry about staying in a cramped room with others.



The same with Discovery Bay is Clearwater Bay and Sai Kung.


This is also an area that offers a higher salary due to location. Sai Kung is 1 hour from central. Domestic Helpers can also expect to have their private room and to be able to live inside a beautiful and cosy village house.


These are some excellent suggestions for locations that domestic helpers can consider once they are looking for a job. Aside from this, it’s essential to find the type of employer you want to have. You can be working in a very comfortable house, but if your employer mistreats you, it would not be the right workplace, no matter where you are.


You should be able to choose the right employer for you that you would enjoy working for, especially if you see yourself staying for a long time.


At, we will assist you in finding the right employer. We strongly encourage fruitful relationships between employers and employees. Check out the link to find your ideal employer today!



  1. Best working places for helpers in Hong Kong
  2. Stanley and Repulse Bay
  3. Discovery Bay


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