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Name Mona Liza

Location Philippines | Pangasinan

Last online 2 weeks ago

Languages English

Hi, I'm Mona Liza!

Hi! I am Mona Liza Cabontocan from Las Piñas City. 29 years of age . I have live in partner with 3 kids. I was a nanny before at Jordan year 2016-2018, I take care 3 kids ages 5,3 and 6months. I finished my contract. I decided to work here in Philippines when I came back from Jordan. I worked as a encoder at chinese company for one year, I worked as admin assistant at Construction Company, and as a Project Coordinator at Waterproofing Company. I decided to apply in Honh Kong for Financial reason and to help my husband for our daily consumption.

Nationality Filipino

Religion Christianity

Gender Female

Children 3

Actively seeking work? Yes

Job Preferences

Preferred Location:

Hong Kong

Day Off:



Full Time



Share Room:

No, I require my own room

Housing Situation:

Live In

Contract Status:


Work Experience

Nov 2016 - Nov 2018

Job Summary:

I take care 3 kids ages 5,3,6months. I clean 2 house , for his mother and my boss .im not cooking because the grandma always cook. I dont have day off there so I decided not to go back. But they were a good family after all.

Contract Situation:

Contract Completed

Nationality of Employer:


Family Members:

1 baby, 2 childrens, 4 adults, 2 elderlies

Performed Duties:

  • Newborn (0 - 1)
  • Child (3 -12)
  • Filipino
  • Baking
  • Middle Eastern
  • General
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Computer
  • Baking

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