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Flexible day off for a good cook who loves dogs

Job Location: Hong Kong - Sai Kung

Capacity: Full Time

Start Date: 10/09/2020

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We need someone to cook healthy food to a high standard, care for our dog and keep the place clean. If you are well-organised, then working in our home should be a pleasure.

Salary is negotiable according to experience and skills!

- we like Chinese and Western dishes of all sorts, and we enjoy baked foods too!
- Our household is two persons - my husband and me and our dog, a lovely and well-trained 7-year old bitch.
- 900' single floor home to be clean and there's a small yard too.
- Day off is Sunday, but we need flexibility.
- Once in a blue moon, wash the car!
- We like our clothing to be ironed.

Husband and I are away during the day, and you get a room of your own with a sometimes-shared bathroom (though Sir and Ma'am have their own - so not often-shared)

If I am away working on your preferred flexible free day - (you will always know in advance) - and I will swap another day of the same week, so you don't lose out. We can discuss this in the interview.

We want someone smart and reliable, who knows what she wants and can efficiently time-manage.

Job Details

Location: Hong Kong - Sai Kung

Salary: $4,630.00 HKD

Food Allowance: Food Included

Day off: Flexible

Share room: Private Room

Housing Situation: Live In

Work Capacity: Full Time

Persons In The Household: 2

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Duties looking for


  • Pet


  • Filipino
  • Chinese
  • Western
  • Indian
  • Vegetarian
  • Baking
  • Healthy


  • General
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Wash Car
  • Shopping
  • Dog Walking
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