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Toddler, Dog, Housekeeping - any time before end-August!

Job Location: Hong Kong - Sai Kung

Capacity: Full Time

Start Date: 31/08/2020

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Hello! Our family includes an American mom, Israeli dad, two-year-old daughter, dog and kitten.

Our house is located ten minutes walking distance from Sai Kung town. The home is 700 sqft, ground floor with a big terrace renovated and in good condition.

Unfortunately, we only have two bedrooms so our helper will need to share a room with our daughter, but we will work with you to make sure you are comfortable and at home.

The most important task will be helping to raise our daughter. We have rules like "greeting other people and asking questions" "talking about emotions and how we are feeling" etc. and will ask our helper to hug her, read her books, and play age-appropriate activities for several hours a day. This requires a select type of person and is not for everyone!

The other thing that is very important to us is our dog. We would like a helper who loves all animals and all creatures. Our dog has a lot of energy and needs to go for one long walk per day.

Other tasks include ironing my husband's clothes daily, laundry, necessary cleaning and cooking.

Me and my husband sometimes go out at night, go on business trips or vacation, so we need a helper that is flexible enough to babysit overnight and for multiple days at a time while we are away.

Please be open and honest about your needs because your happiness is essential.

Kindly note as in the title that we are flexible and can hire any time before the end of August!

Job Details

Location: Hong Kong - Sai Kung

Salary: $5,000.00 HKD

Food Allowance: Food Included

Day off: Sunday

Share room: Share with a kid

Housing Situation: Live In

Work Capacity: Full Time

Persons In The Household: 3

Duties looking for


  • Toddler (1 - 3)
  • Pet


  • Healthy


  • General
  • Dog Walking
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