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Overseas hire for two helpers

Job Location: Hong Kong - Quarry Bay

Capacity: Full Time

Start Date: 24/05/2023

Mary Profile Picture Mary

Last Online: 9 months ago


We are a quiet professional couple living in Quarry Bay. Our kids are 12 and 8, and travel to the nearby school by bus.

We have a cat and a goldfish, and we want to hire two helpers who know each other already (perhaps you are sisters or cousins) - we think that is better so you can share the work fairly.

We offer all Sundays and most Saturdays free because our place is not enormous, and we like peace and quiet at the weekend and to do family things.

We cook and go shopping a lot of the time, I am a Quant, and my husband is a teacher.

While waiting for an overseas helper to arrive, we can consider part-timers - live in or out.

If we get one or two reliable part-timers, we might also consider waiting for a terminated helper to process at home and return to HK when that's finished.

We used to live in Manila, so we know what this is all about - we will treat you as family, and birthdays are holidays - while we are away in Europe in the summer, it is just you, your sister, the cat and the goldfish!

We don't use WhatsApp so please write a nice letter here explaining your motivation and how you think you can fit into our home,

Please make sure you have a fully completed resumée and write about your experience - if you don't have any experience, then please write about your ethos

Job Details

Location: Hong Kong - Quarry Bay

Salary: Negotiable

Food Allowance: Food Included

Day off: Sunday

Share room: Private Room

Housing Situation: Live In

Work Capacity: Full Time

Persons In The Household: 4

Duties looking for


  • Pet


  • Filipino
  • Chinese
  • Western
  • Baking
  • Healthy
  • Other


  • General
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Shopping


  • Baking
  • Swimming
  • Tutoring