How HeperFirst Works For Darlene
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How HeperFirst Works For Darlene

Date Posted: 29/08/2020

Darlene Mae is a 32-year old Filipina, she has been working in Hong Kong as a helper for two years. She is about to finish her contract and currently looking for a new employer.


Darlene is a hardworking and motivated person. Her inspiration is her family, especially her three kids. She’s great at taking care of kids of any age and elders too. Her other duties include cooking, doing household chores, laundry, and car washing. Darlene Mae is honest and flexible. She is willing to learn more.


How HelperFirst helps helpers like Darlene?


Helper First uses a very ‘hands-on’ approach, working with the helpers via WhatsApp to fill in their profiles, adding their experience, best qualities and talents.


Our team will verify their documents aiming to send helpers for interviews who are permissible and reliable. 


Following the verification, HelperFirst will try to learn the helpers’ preferences and needs, this helps to match this with the best employer and jobs available. 

We then find that kind of family and arrange an interview schedule.


In between the process, we will hear their stories and would like to share it using our social media platforms.


We are so pleased to give Helpers more personal experience without costing them money. Yes! It is ALL for FREE!

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