Juliet Is Now Preparing Her Paris Bucket List!
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Juliet Is Now Preparing Her Paris Bucket List!

Date Posted: 06/02/2021

Dedicated, versatile, and hardworking-- she is Juliet, our Graduate of the Day!

Juliet is a single mom who is always making choices based on the welfare of her son. She has been working abroad for several years-- in Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong. Juliet is experienced with taking care of children, from toddlers to teens; she also does household chores and can tutor kids. Check out Juliet’s profile to know her more: https://www.helperfirst.com/helpers/3899

HelperFirst has 358 graduates whose profiles you can browse on our website: https://www.helperfirst.com/helpers. HelperFirst “graduates” are all interview-ready! Our team has checked and verified documents like ID, visas, and work histories. Most have references too. We are hands-on and try to learn what they expect and what they can do so that we can recommend them to a suitable family. We talk to each helper and learn fascinating facts about them. Just like Juliet, she dreams of visiting Paris!

When you think of Paris, I bet the first thing on your mind is the Eiffel Tower! For most, it's breathtaking to see Eiffel Tower for the first time. Paris also has the Louvre and other places to explore, plus delicious foods worth trying. So what’s not to Louvre about Paris? Great choice, Juliet!

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